Thieves Cleaner for Smarties

So have you gotten your bottle of Thieves cleaner yet? Because if you didn’t know, it’s golden! It will clean everything!! Well almost. One product will clean everything in your house? It’s magical!

And it’s safe! For your kiddos and your pets. I was always worried about using traditional cleaning products around my kids so I would choose those products that were labeled “natural”. However, I’ve found out that many of these so called “natural” cleaners still contain ingredients that are toxic to your body. But there are no worries with Thieves cleaner. It’s totally safe to use around yourself and your kids! Your kids can even help you with chores and spray alongside you!

AND–instead of buying several bottles of cleaner, you only need to buy ONE!! That is a selling point by itself. I hate the clutter and expense of a bunch of cleaner bottles in my cabinets and closets.  I only need this one bottle. And the smell–wait til you try it! It’s heavenly. For those of you who are sensitive to strong or perfumey scents, don’t worry! Thieves is very light and natural smelling.

But for crying out loud, don’t do what I did and leave it in the cabinet for weeks!! Oh my, NO! Even though there were instructions on the back, for some reason I was scared–ha ha! Really? I guess I thought I would do something wrong. So let’s make it simple, shall we? Let’s break it down, so you can set the magic in motion. Ok?

Here it is!  This bottle of cleaner is multipurpose and ultra-concentrated– I mean like super duper, clean your whole house 100x and still have some left over concentrated (each 14.4oz bottle of concentrated Thieves cleaner makes almost 30 bottles of all-purpose cleaner–this is the dilution you’ll use for most surfaces).

It contains 100% therapeutic grade essential oils and comes with Young Living’s strict Seed to Seal guarantee.

Now, I searched the world over for the perfect spray bottles. They don’t exist. I made it too complicated. Again. So I found this package of 3 bottles at a local hardware store. And they just so happen to have 3 different colors of sprayers. Bonus! I found out that most common spray bottles of this type are 24 ounces, like the ones I’m showing.

So if you haven’t bought this bottle of gold yet, it’s time! Click here to find out how to get your own bottle.  If you have it, let’s look at the back and check out the instructions. FYI–I did the math and it wasn’t pretty.

For most uses, we will need to make a 30:1 water to cleaner dilution. If you have a 30 oz. spray bottle it’s easy. But they aren’t that easy to come by. Some smart person probably did the research and found out it was way easier to carry and squeeze the trigger on a 24 oz. bottle versus a 30 oz. bottle, right?

Fill with water to the 15 oz line then add 1 tablespoon of cleaner. I use reverse osmosis water just to make it more pure. And there we have our all purpose cleaner!

This is what we will make up for Heavy cleaning or degreasing.  

Fill up to the 15 oz. line with water then add 2 tablespoons of cleaner.

And finally, the last bottle, we will prepare for light degreasing and for glass and windows. We need a 50:1 water to cleaner ratio. If you have a 50 oz spray bottle, let’s just celebrate your strength!

If not, we will use 24-25oz of water, depending on what your bottle can hold, and add 2 teaspoons of cleaner to the bottle.

Let’s label our concoctions. And voila! We have 3 bottles full of amazing cleaner to take care of all kinds of cleaning needs in our homes, and we still have an almost full bottle of the concentrated cleaner for next time. Simple, right? Don’t wait to get yours and get started. Here is how. (Button)


P.S.–Let me know if you find a 30oz spray bottle somewhere!

Brenda <3

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