Savvy Minerals Make-up Class

We just wanted to let y’all know about our very first Savvy Minerals Make-up class. We never really cared that much about what make-up we used. We consider ourselves a pretty “natural” family and try to be conscious about what we are putting on and in our bodies, but make-up wasn’t something that we ever read labels on. Turns out that make-up is one of the top toxic things you can put on your body (like WAY scary cell destroying, hormone disrupting, cancer causing ingredients). Since our skin is our biggest organ, we need to be extra cautious about what we put on it. Everything that goes ON your skin ends up IN your body.

We love that Young Living formulated their make-up line, Savvy Minerals, without toxins, chemicals and harmful fillers. Like we really love this make-up line!! Now we don’t have to worry about what harmful things are hiding in our cosmetics, and no more standing in the make-up aisle for hours trying to find something that isn’t “that bad”. We feel confident using Savvy Minerals.

We’d love to share with you all the details about our favorite make-up line, what’s in it, what’s NOT in it, and how to apply it. We’d love for you to join us for this fun class.

Click the little button below to register! It’s Friday September 29th at 8pm, but we’ll have it up all weekend so you can watch when it’s convenient for you!

We can’t wait to “hang” with y’all online this weekend! Let us know if you have any questions!

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