Why Our Family Trusts Young Living

Did you know that to be labeled as an essential oil, a company only has to provide 5% plant based essential oil inside the bottle?

Young Living as a company has crazy strict standards for the essential oils they produce.  There are a lot of reasons why we can trust this company! From the seeds that are planted in the strictly monitored soil of several farms all over the globe, to the harvesting processes, to the production of essential oils and then to the bottling process, these steps, referred to as the Seed to Seal process is Young Living’s guarantee to all consumers that they are serious about totally pure, 100% therapeutic essential oils.

Throughout the whole growth and harvesting process, Young Living oversees each tiny detail not only in their own farms, but in the farms they partner with as well. Growing plants in partnership with experienced growers in many countries and on the farms owned by Young Living all over the world is key to a quality product. Young Living carefully times the planting of the seeds, the time of harvest–even the time of day matters!– and all the specific details of the distillation process to ensure the therapeutic benefits of each drop of essential oil is preserved at its highest level. The distillation process of each batch of oil is overseen by master distillers who will guarantee that the proper pressure, time and temperature for each specific plant is adhered to. And then as if all these steps aren’t enough, Young Living provides extensive testing at many phases of the process by their own labs and also independent labs to make sure the highest quality and purity standards are met. Our family trusts Young Living to provide 100 % pure, therapeutic essential oils!

As if these standards aren’t already enough, Young Living has industry leading member benefits. Each month Young Living offers promotions for placing orders. For instance, this month (August 2017), Young Living is offering up to $266 of free products! They also have a great program that pays you in points that can be used for more free products just for ordering monthly. This program is called Essential Rewards. Think of this as a wellness subscription box that you can customize and choose when it comes! Find out more here.

There are also many benefits for members who want to use Young Living as a business. Exclusive farm tours, a leadership cruise and learning opportunities such as the Grand Convention each year are just a few of the amazing experiences offered to Young Living business builders. Along with these opportunities, Young Living offers an industry leading generous compensation plan for growing your business.


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