Essential Rewards

Did you know that Young Living has a program that gives its members points to be used as credits, and free products for placing orders? As if Young Living wasn’t great enough already, they are basically paying their members to use their products. Does it get any better than that? I think not! This Program is called Essential Rewards (ER). You can choose to sign up for ER when you become a member, or wait and sign up later. But why not sign up now and start and start getting rewarded?


When you purchase products from Young Living you will get ER points on most items (a few items such as veggie capsules don’t come with ER points). Young Living’s website will clearly state which items come with ER. These Reward Points are accumulated in a percentage form that grows the longer you’ve been in the program. For your first 3 months on ER you will receive 10% back, for months 4-24, you will receive 20% back. Every month after that you will receive 25% back on your orders. You will also receive gifts after months 3,6,9, and 12 (consecutively) of being on ER, as well as getting a number of free gifts each month depending on how much you spend.

Each month you have the opportunity to get free products from YL depending on what price point your order reaches. These price points are 100PV, 190PV, 200PV, and 300PV.

The ER program is like getting a Young Living Subscription box filled with products that YOU choose. You can leave them the same or change the items you want to get each month.

One of the reasons this program is so great is because it saves you money. On top of the 24% off retail price you already get as a member you also get a percentage back in points you can spend on other Young Living products you already love to use or other products you want to try. You only have to spend 50PV per month to stay on ER, unless you want to receive commission from people in your downline, in which case you will need to spend 100PV per month after your first 3 months on the program. You also get to choose your shipping date, and can change or stay the same each month